Doing it Right

From the Beginning


Diligence is our promise. We pledge to be reliable caretakers of our local environment and community.


Maintaining the integrity of our communities is at the center of our efforts. We’ve partnered with local leadership and diverse stakeholders to find solutions that benefit all for generations to come.


Scientific expertise and modern mining techniques inform how we protect the local land and its people.

About Sandfire

Global Expertise, Montana Values

“Mining done right” is at the forefront of all we do at Sandfire Resources America Inc. We’re focused on the exploration, development, and mining of our flagship property, Black Butte Copper. Located in Montana, USA, this project harnesses the best in modern mining techniques and research. With responsibility in mind, we aim to protect and give back to the local community. We’re led by a dynamic management team with long, successful track records in the mining and metals industries.

Investor Resources

A Vision of Value

We know the road to renewable energy is paved with copper, so we want to share the lasting results of our work with others. Our team has a successful track record of building shareholder value through exploration, corporate finance, and mine development. At Sandfire, we engage authentically with all shareholders and stakeholders about projections to develop mutually supportive relationships. We’re open with reports, results, and research, and we’re always ready to answer questions.

Our Project

Black Butte Copper

The project is located 17 miles north of White Sulphur Springs, MT. The project’s property includes the Johnny Lee Deposit, which contains a copper concentration 10 times higher than many existing mines. Black Butte Copper will be a wholly-underground mine. This allows traditional land, like agriculture and cattle grazing, to continue. This project will use state-of-the-art technology and modern techniques to mine high grade copper.

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We’re proud to share our work and are always ready to answer questions. Reach out to our team to request more information.