We Value & Protect Local Lands

At Sandfire, we put the work in to ensure we responsibly access our valuable natural resources and protect the environment. We embrace environmental responsibility, innovation leadership, and implementation of complete environmental solutions. From high standards of safety to conscientious engineering practices, we aim to safeguard the site and surrounding areas impacted by our operations.

Montana field being watered


Sandfire utilizes decades of research to inform how we best care for the environment.

Water Protection

We aim to minimize environmental impact and protect all water resources.

Modern Mining

We utilize the latest mining technology and science to preserve the land.

Environmental Research

Local Knowledge, 21st Century Studies, Worldwide Expertise

We have nine years of baseline data behind our efforts, so we are taking meticulous care to preserve the land we impact by partnering with local authorities, utlizing modern methods, and drawing on the knowledge of mining experts. Along with regular water monitoring, we’ve completed extensive testing to properly classify all the rocks that will be mined and manage them safely. We aim to use the most comprehensive and sohpisticasted environmental management practices the industry has ever seen to best protect the environment. We’ve designed the safest solution, not the cheapest.

Water environmental studies
Water Protection & Studies

Dedicated to Maintaining Water Quality

We take protecting all the water resources seriously. Because the sulfide minerals that form the copper zone can create acid if not handled correctly and if allowed to oxidize, their careful management is critical to maintaining water quality. Sandfire collects information from water monitoring stations in the area surrounding our projects that gather baseline information regularly. Additionally, we utilize reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plants on-site for the duration of mining operations that remain on site for as long they’re needed. We ensure water rights mitigation meets Montana’s strong ‘non-degradation’ water standards.

Modern Mining

Innovation at its Best

We’re different than predecessors, as we use state-of-the-art mining techniques, research, and practices to preserve the local environment. In the 21st Century, we have discharge standards developed by state and federal legislation to meet; we have bonding requirements that will ensure funding for reclamation regardless of the fate of the company; and in order to receive a permit we have to prove there are no long term effects form our mining operation.

3D model of the Black Butte Copper site
Our Project

Committed to Environmental Protection

This mining project will use 21st century technology to access our valuable natural resources and preserve the environment. Located north of White Sulphur Springs, Montana, Black Butte Copper will be an wholly-underground mine project to allow traditional land use to remain intact. Because the deposit is high grade, we can afford to go above and beyond standard safety and engineering practices to protect the environment and restore the site completely.

Man wearing hard hat and PPE looking at Montana scenery

Surrounding area water monitoring stations we gather baseline information from regularly


Of surface returned to current agricultural uses

Waste rock piles left on surface—all waste rock stored in Cemented Tailings Facility or returned underground


Is Important to Us

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