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Our team is united by common, strong values and a shared vision for the role of copper in the future of energy.

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We adhere to a strict set of standards, values, and policies to ensure our actions are of the highest quality.

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Hear more about Black Butte Copper and Sandfire’s vision from our CEO & President, Rob Scargill.

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Safety, Responsibility, & Sustainability

Sandfire Resources America Inc. is a growth company focused on the exploration, development, and mining of its 100% owned flagship property, Black Butte Copper. This mining project is located in White Sulphur Springs, Montana, USA. The Company is led by a highly-experienced executive management team with a successful track record of building shareholder value through exploration, corporate finance, and mine development. Black Butte Copper received final approval of the Mine Operating Permit for its Johnny Lee Deposit on August 13, 2020. Phase I construction commenced August 17, 2020. Phase II construction will be subject to mitigation water rights and legal challenge resolutions, project financing, Board approvals, and further bonding requirements. Once Phase II construction commences, it will take approximately two years.

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We aim for investors to feel confident in our transparent, ethical decision making. At Sandfire, we engage authentically with all shareholders and stakeholders about projections to develop mutually supportive relationships. We’re open with reports, results, and research, and we’re always ready to answer questions.

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